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"My Friend Miles" is the story of a friendship that unfolds like a little dance for a wounded world. Miles, a particularly playful spirit, takes his friend on a quest from Berlin to Friuli, Picardy, and Venice, ultimately returning to Ireland, the land where he played marbles as a child during the raw identity war of the troubles. His friend Solta tries to track him down, attempts to follow, to understand, and seeks to picture him. However, Miles, - marbles in his pockets, infinity in his fingers, - consistently resists. Miles lures his friend on a mesmerizing journey through his life, through the minefields of identity politics, and through the black hole of our oblivion of what the world could be. While everyone around him seems to fight for the right to be themselves, Miles celebrates the right to be no self. And he invites everyone to the party: a fabulous journey of a zero with a thousand faces. Hug his friend Caroline who now is a dog in the streets of Berlin, miss out on his friend Harry who stayed in a spaghetti western, don’t lick at the peculiar glass eye behind the blue door, gamble with the knife that has belonged to Karl Marx, meet the man who comes as close as he can, see Sofie the woman in the tree, listen to Charms the drummer without arms, don’t be afraid of Chronos the Tiger and never-ever ride Mefisto his horse but meet his old childhood friend instead, Willy Ockham, who has never moved from Ireland…Thanks to them all, the image of Miles appears. A man as a risky promise, as a still slightly out-of-control prototype for the future. A pure cinematographic act of resistance that connects the magical with the political.

A film that looks you straight in the eye, like only a friend can look.

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